Introducing Instapay.

Instapay is a mobile payment app that allows dine-in customers to easily pay for their meal with their phones.

Eat Wherever, Pay Whenever


Pay for all of your dining experiences at the touch of your fingers. Check in, show your code, and start eating. Enjoy the night out at your leisure.


No more waiting for the waiter to bring over the POS terminal. You can pay with any of the stored credit cards or alternative payment methods on the app.


All card information is encrypted for every transaction. Instapay never stores any data on your device after the payment has been processed.

Check in at the restaurant

Ready to eat? Check into your desired restaurant in two easy steps. In the opened app, click on Check In. Your phone will automatically detect your location via GPS. Confirm your restaurant and wait to be seated.

The app will give you a code once you're checked in. Show this code to the server when your ready to order.

View your order

Once your code has been entered into the restaurant's POS system by your server, watch as those delicious items get added to your bill. Your order total and will update as new items are added.

Toggle how you want to view your bill. View by a list of each person's order or the number or orders for each item.

Split the bill

Split the bill with friends. Is each person paying for their own portion of the meal? Do two people want to share an order of appetizer? It's never been easier calculate how much you have to pay.

Check off the items that you’re going to pay for or split the bill evenly. Instapay will calculate your total for you.

Easy Payment

You won't have to reach for your wallet to pay for the bill again. Store your credit cards on Instapay for fast, easy, electronic transactions. Effortlessly switch between your stored cards to make your payment.

Instapay also supports alternative payment methods including Apple Wallet, Paypal, and gift cards.

Track your receipts

Go paperless with accurate, verified data. Instapay will track your receipts without the added pain of manual data-entry. Once you have paid for your bill, it will be stored into the app.

Breeze through your expense reports by exporting you're receipts to Excel, Google Drive, and more.

Pay smart with Instapay!