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Learn how Instapay Restaurant can benefit your business.


Flexible for All Restaurants

Our POS system makes it easy to manage orders, show open tables, and keep track of paid receipts.

Statistics & Data Tracking

Digital receipts, reports, work rate, and more - Instapay Restaurant provides you with actionable data to see how well your restaurant is doing.

Sync with Consumer App

Integrated with our consumer payment app, restaurant patrons can easily and securely pay through their phone.

How it Works

The restaurant is busy, tables are filling up, and people want their orders taken. Instapay Restaurant makes your life easier. Start an order with three easy steps: tap on an open table, select the number of diners, and enter their Instapay order code. Now you can start putting in orders!

Manage Table Orders

It's as easy as tap and go! Each table order is divided by seat, making it easier to view each diner's orders and quickly make edits when needed. Select a table seat, tap on the desired menu items and watch them added to the order.

Save Time on Transactions

Using our mobile payment app, diners can pay for their meal through the app. Transactions will automatically sync with the Instapay Restaurant POS system, letting you know when people have paid for their meal. No need to worry about unpaid tables or people running away!

View Payment History

Keep track of your restaurant's business at all times. You can search for and check any paid transactions. Instapay Restaurant provides all payment details and check summary.

Sales Overview & Insight

Run your business in real time. When your work week is over, view your day-to-day reports to see how well your business is doing. Our in-built analytics and custom reports breaks down your total sales to show you how it all adds up.

Take care of business with Instapay Restaurant!